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"I live a life where food is a tool to improve lives" 
-Dianna Teasdale

We were not meant to be sick all the time.
We CAN feel good as we get older!

I believe our bodies can heal themselves if
given the right resources. 

“Let food be thy medicine”– Hippocrates.

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Turning your genes off and on

"Epigenetics is a rapidly expanding field of science that studies how our genes are turned on and off to enable one set of genetic instructions to produce hundreds of different cell types in our body."


Environmental factors such as our nutrition, stress, toxins, chemicals, virus, and bacteria can affect how our genes express themselves (i.e. our health, mood, and personality)

By changing your environment and stressors you can improve your body’s ability to express your genes in ways that benefit instead of hinder you.


Hair Analysis Test

Be confident your body is getting the nutrients it needs to thrive!


With four strands of hair, you can know what your body needs to begin healing.


Your hair follicles can tell the story of your health just as a tree trunk can tell the story of the tree. We can now get a look at the last 90 days of your life and make changes to improve your cellular health.


With this test, you get a detailed 30-page report that reveals what nutrients are needed, what foods need to be avoided, what invaders need to be eliminated, and what environmental factors are stressing your system.


From there we create a plan to make these changes and get your body on a journey of repair.

Our high-tech scanner is linked to a supercomputer in Germany where it anonymously evaluates over 800 different environmental factors and provides a prioritized customized wellness plan for You. With this detailed report, we then support and educate you to improve your health by bringing

homeostasis to all systems:

  • Immune system

  • Gut health- Digestion and Microbiome

  • Nutrition/diet

  • Detoxification- toxins, metals, chemicals, fungus, parasites, mold, virus, and bacteria overgrowth

  • Circulatory

  • Elimination Systems

  • Recovery from Fatigue, Anxiety, and Stress

  • Overcoming EMFs and Electrical Sensitivity

  • Adrenals

  • Immunity to pathogens and viruses

  • Reduced Inflammation and much more

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I’m Dianna.  I’m a holistic nutritionist, a coach, a cook, and a mom of two amazing girls. I am the founder of Limitless Foundations LLC, a company established on the idea that our bodies can heal themselves if given the right resources and the dream to see people live their best life and not be limited by an unhealthy body.


I run epigenetic tests as a way to get answers and see results. 

I love eating good food, being outdoors, gardening, and spending time with my family.  

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