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Painting Leaves

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

This year was the year I was finally going to get back to gardening. I kept trying every year, but haven’t had the time, money, or support to do so. But this year it happened. Bryan and I planted a very cute little garden. The last addition to our garden this year were eight cucumber plants. We bought them from a nursery and then they sat in our yard for weeks waiting to create a place for them in our garden. However, we took too long and they were on the verge of death. They had very little color left to them and all most all of the leaves were dead. With hope I got one tray of cucumbers planted. I gave them some really good dirt and some water but they looked rough.

Over time they started to get their color back and started growing. It was a miracle they survived. Now for the other four plants I had. I finally got another place made for them and they looked even worse as they had been out of the ground even longer. Still hanging on to hope, I planted them. I gave them really good dirt and watered them. My garden gets lots of sun so they got plenty of that too. Would you believe it? After many weeks they started to get their color back and started to grow. We had talked about how we were sure they wouldn’t make it, but here they are as happy as can be. You would not believe the start they had. You wouldn't believe all the cucumbers we harvested from these plants. It seems to be a miracle.

I am reading a book called Clean Gut, by Alejandro Junger M.D. He tells a story of when he was a kid watching the gardener take care of the plants. He noticed that when the leaves started to turn or die the gardener would start changing the environment around the roots of the plants and do nothing with the discolored leaves. He said he observed that every time the Gardner fixed the soil and roots the leaves of the plants got better. He tells this story as his first lesson in medicine.

How crazy would it be to stake up the leaves and paint them green so they would look healthy? This would not solve the problem. But when we give the plants the right nutrients, the leaves can then thrive.

It seems that modern medicine has forgotten about the roots and has decided to just paint the leaves so that the symptoms are no longer seen.

Our bodies are just like these plants. We must get back to the roots and give our body the nutrients it needs to thrive. So many people are tired of painting their leaves and trying to act like they feel better when really, they are miserable.

This is why I became a nutritionist. I want to see people start to feel better. I want more for them than just masking symptoms. I want them to actually get well.

I am on this journey for my own health, and I want to help others on their journey as well. I see you! I know you don’t feel well. I know you are tired of being told your symptoms are normal and to just take a pill.

When I learned about epigenetic hair testing, which allows us to find out what nutrients our body needs to get better, I knew I had to invest in this advanced technology for my clients.

Now I run Hair Analysis Testing for my clients. With four strands of your hair, we can get a full report of your cellular health. From here we put together a plan to add and remove things to get you feeling better. No more painting your leaves and pretending everything is ok. Now we can get answers and get to work to get you feeling better. Soon your leaves will resemble that of a healthy plant.

Ready to get answers? Click to order your mail-in hair kit test and be weeks away from answers.

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