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Healthy Food



Free Phone Consultation

E-mail to schedule your FREE consultation call!

Consultation calls usually last about 15 minutes.

$ Free

Holistic Health Coaching

30 to 40-minute virtual sessions, 4 times a month.

  • Weekly Support

  • Email/Text Check-ins and questions

  • Discounted Supplements

$220 Per Month

hair scan.jpg

Hair Analysis Scan

Cell-Wellbeing: Personalized Epigenetic Mapping

With just four strands of your hair, you can get a 30-page report of exactly what your body needs to take your health to the next level. Give your body exactly what it is asking for - no more guessing. email to set up an appointment and 1-hour report review.


Metabolism Recovery

28-day restorative meal plan to reset the organs that make up your metabolism.

  • Lose Weight

  • Reduce Inflammation

  • Restore Energy

  • Improve Sleep


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