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I’m Dianna.  I’m a mom first, along with a

holistic nutritionist, a coach, a cook, and the

founder of Limitless Foundations LLC.

I live a life where food is a tool to improve

lives.  The proper nutrients allows people to

improve their health enabling them to live a

limitless life of their dreams.

There were times in my life when I let the

seemingly endless responsibilities of life

stop me from taking care of myself.


I was physically tired, emotionally exhausted, overwhelmed, overweight, and unhappy with my appearance. I was so overwhelmed by life. My husband would come home to find me looking as I did when he left, still in pajamas.


One day at work, I saw a coworker who was always put together. She was gorgeous with her makeup, hair perfectly in place, and wardrobe totally on point.


I was jealous and annoyed that I didn’t have time for all of that as a mom of two working full-time. 


It all changes the day I saw her with her two kids at work. That was my Ah-Ha! moment.  If she can juggle motherhood, a career, and self-care, as a single mom so can I.


That was the moment I decided to take control of my life.  I started with one step. I would get dressed and ready for every day.


From there, came wearing make-up again, putting in my contacts, going to the gym, losing 35lbs, new clothes, going back to school, starting a career, and being proud of myself.


I found my motivation and got my energy and drive back again. The best part is, I am teaching my two little girls they are powerful beings who can do whatever they want.


Moving from Cook to Coach


Why I do what I do.

I spent years in professional kitchens expanding my skills and passion for cooking. Through that experience, I realized what I really wanted was to work with food in a way that changes lives. 

I got tired of seeing people who were sick that I knew could feel a lot better if they made changes to their diet. As I would share what I knew about food, I would see the lives of people around me improve. I knew this is how I wanted to spend my time.


With this realization, and for my own health, I changed my focus from food that just tastes good to foods that healed. I had a lot to learn about the body so I headed back to school to get a degree in nutrition.

I am constantly learning, and I love sharing what I learn with others who are looking for answers. This passion is driving my mission to share this knowledge with others so they can live a limitless life, having a body that does not limit them from doing the things they love.

Be Limitless 

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