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"Dianna is excellent! She took the time to hear what I needed, think outside of the box, and give me a plan that was reasonable and attainable.


She considered me a whole person who cooks for an entire family when she wrote a plan.

As a busy mom, I appreciated her no-shame approach to food and health to guide me towards healthy choices embedded in a busy lifestyle.


Her goal was to not just help me feel better but guide me towards a lifestyle of wellness far beyond our time together. 


I appreciate all she has done, I'm grateful to have worked with such an intelligent and kind person."

-Paige Weber

Dianna is a wealth of knowledge and so helpful when it comes to figuring out what is and isn’t working with your body. The best part is that she gives you the information, and resources to make a change, and then the support to do so. Highly recommend working with her and making the investment in your overall wellness!

-Jaclyn D.

Dianna is super knowledgeable in her field. She has helped me control my weight, improve my mood, vastly improve my gut/digestion, and has gotten me completely off of my prescribed ADHD medication!

-Bryan W.

Dianna is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and helped to emphasize why various pieces are important in achieving desired results. She was very conscientious in finding and suggesting recipes for me as a vegetarian.

She is very holistic in her approach and, in addition to food, we discussed exercise, sleep, reasons behind challenges/emotional eating, etc.


What I loved the most about Dianna was how helpful she was as a person. She was very supportive of me, and understanding to be able to "meet me where I was", and at the same time was very encouraging to help me meet my goals.

 In addition to loving the process of working with Dianna, I am happy with the results I have achieved so far with her help.


Most importantly I have developed much better life-long nutrition and health habits, that will help me achieve my ultimate goals! I am extremely grateful for Dianna! 

-Lisa Robitshek

She presented my information in a genuinely caring way. Even when I knew what to do and not to do when it came to eating junk - I did not feel shamed. She acknowledged the struggle is real and encouraged me to start with small achievable goals. I look forward to partnering with D in my health journey.

-Stacey W.



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